Hi I'm Aimee Aka Bunnyaimee!
I'm a singer/actress/vlogger/blogger, and a hope to be the first singer in a wheelchair!
I adore Tom Hiddleston & Benedict Cumberbatch,
Siva Kaneswaran,
Doctor Who,
The Avengers,
& well, probably most fandoms tbh!
Anything else you wanna know? drop me an ask! (I don't bite, unless you're Loki ;P )
OH and did I mention I'm in a wheelchair? ;)

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Tom Hiddleston eating German food and drinking beer on a sidewalk in Berlin

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What are your top three favorite fandoms?
Doctor Who

JohnLock & Destiel

Wincest & Thorki (they’re just wrong sorry!)

Do you play any instruments? Which one?
A little guitar and keyboard, not enough to show off aha!

Coffee or Tea? Why?
Tea I practically live off the stuff, because I’m BRITISH

What’s your favorite movie? Why?
Avengers Assemble, because Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr, Mark Buffalo, Chris Evans, Clark Gregg, Samuel L. Jackson. It’s amazing.

What’s your favorite album of all time?
That’s like picking a favourite child!

What is your desktop background atm?
Nathan From The Wanted Screenshot

Which celebrity or fictional character do you ship yourself with? Why?
Tom Hiddleston, because I am Lady Hiddleston ask @lookalivesunshine-x

My questions

1. Favourite fandom?
2. Favourite song right now?
3. Fave tumblr?
4. Fave colour?
5. Funniest quote?
6. Beautiful person on tumblr?
7. What line would floor you?
8. Name 3 handsome men/women? (Depending on your preference)
9. How do you like to let loose?
10. Sonic/Wand/Lightsaber/other?
11. Beauty or Brains?

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Brother, cause it hurts sometimes
You know it’s gonna bleed sometimes
Hold on

This still makes my heart ache…

18. Hello! XD #AprilPhotoADay


'Midnight in Paris'. Gil (Owen Wilson) doesn't yet realize he is a time traveler and is introduced to Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald at a nightclub. Classic reaction. I love that film - the best of 2011.

The Sky Looks So Pretty Tonight ♡ #sky #skyline #colourful #nature #pretty #dusk #sunset #beautiful

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There’s an East Wind coming.

16. Your Favourite Colour. I have a couple but one of them is Pink! So here’s some flowers from our front room! #AprilPhotoADay #Orchids #Flowers #Pink #Pretty

Woohoo! It may only be a small amount but that’s made my day ^,^ ♡ #McDonalds #Monopoly #Cash #Prize

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